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Winter a quiet time in the garden, never! - The Old Shed and Gardens

Winter a quiet time in the garden, never!

It is often a misconception that Winter is a quiet time in the garden.

Visually, all looks still, blooms and flowers are not as showy and the variety of produce readily available, does drop off somewhat. Plenty of plants choose to hibernate and conserve their energy, just like us!

However, it is the perfect time to get on top of weeds, give beds some extra love with compost (thanks to the Compost Masters @ Living Farm Australia), while planning and preparing for an abundant Spring Crop. 

At the Old Shed, we are currently planting out many of our baby seedlings that have sprouted, all of which will offer a rainbow of colour come the warmer seasons.  The cosmos, sunflowers, aquilegias, pansies, sweet peas, marigolds, paper daisies and viola’s are all so tiny we have to be mindful not to let the resident dogs unknowingly trample them… !

FunFact – Sunflowers (Acacia’s one and only true love) don’t only look divine; they help to clean up the soil as well! The roots of these superb flowers help to detoxify heavy metals from the earth, so nasties like lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, copper and manganese are naturally removed. Win win. 

We truly can’t wait to see their colourful display in the coming months, with more than 3 different varieties now snuggled in the soil. 

Sarah and I also took a trip to the Byron Herb Nursery and excitedly collected over 50 plants!! To encourage biodiversity and prolific pollination options, The Old Shed, is now home to Wormwood, Poppies, Society garlic, Chives, Tansy, Clary Sage, Globe Artichoke, Yarrow, Evening Primrose, Hyssop, Lavenders, Salvias and some very trendy prostrate Rosemary and Thyme which romantically cascades down over raised beds. To name a few.

We are also in the planning stages for a little orchard, mini corn field and tomato tunnel.

So whilst Winter can feel a little drab in the garden, it’s all the behind the scenes work that makes it a very sacred time of year indeed.

Pop in and say hello if you see us buzzing away in the garden, we are more than happy to share any tips or learn some new ones!

Tory and Sarah

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