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To squish or not to squish - The Old Shed and Gardens

To squish or not to squish

I have a confession to make.

I’m terrible at terminating pests in the garden… my co-worker Sarah is ruthless, “Squish it!!” she will call to me when I’ve discovered a slug or grasshopper. Rightly so too!  They cause carnage in the garden beds, and my method of relocating them (i.e. – throwing a snail or grasshopper as far as I can) doesn’t seem to be hugely successful.

In my mind, all of nature is precious is some way. So you can be assured that any produce that is grown on site at The Old Shed has not one drop of chemical anywhere near it. Something Sarah and I both wholeheartedly agree on.

To support fabulous soil and micro-organisms, encourage all the beneficial bugs and keep the cycle of life humming along in perfect balance, it is less about control and more about guidance.

This week I ‘guided’ the beans and snow peas to climb up their support structure, I nudged the nasturtiums to back away from the expanding zucchinis, and I provided the best possible bed for the Corn, Snap dragons, Cornflowers and Sunflowers to bloom in.

Given the right environment, all plants, edible produce included, know how to thrive.

With three new raised beds in the making, we are layering a lasagne of nutrition, in preparing for more planting.

Cardboard, compost, leaves, fermented hay and green waste forming the delicate balance of minerals for the awaiting plants to soften into.

Jen, the ‘muscles’ in the garden has done an incredible job in shovelling and loading all the above goodness into place.

Eagerly awaiting their new home we have heirloom eggplants, carrots, rainbow chard, basil, lettuce and many flowers. 

Plus, this week we had the first of our Ranunculus and Anemone flower!! A gorgeous sprinkle of pink and purple into the lush greenery that has been winter.

SO much goodness in a little patch of paradise in Clunes!

Tory x

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